National Lipstick Day!

Itchyfeet wonders

I am a certified lipstick addict. If money is no object, I would love to have every lipstick in the world! In line of National Lipstick Day, (which is today, July 29),  I am giving away lippies from L’Oreal, Maybelline, Pink Sugar, OFRA and NYX!


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The National Lipstick Giveaway runs from today, July 29, 2016 until August 15, 2016. What are you waiting for? Share this to your friends! 🙂

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We are currently holding two on going giveaways for the holiday season!

A giveaway with two other shops and our blogger! Scroll down for more details!

New year, new life. So how about new items for yourself? Well, for 2016, we’re going away fashionable items just for you! Introducing @stonesandpendants, @rrawph, and @canvasmanila. Yes, three shops are collaborating to send you beautiful necklaces, fragrant and addicting scrubs, and durable and cute drawstrings!

So do you want to start your year fabulously? Here’s how:

1. Follow @stonesandpendants, @rrawph, @canvasmanila, and @mikeeest.

2. Repost this photo and use the caption “I am going to rock 2016 with the items from @mikeeest, @stonesandpendants, @rrawph, and @canvasmanila! #mikeeestgiveaway”

3. Tag three friends in this post.

Your profile must be on public, and giveaway accounts cannot be used. For additional points, comment below which of the items you want to receive or why…

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