My Formula That Stopped Formula Feeding (How I Ditched Formula Milk in Less Than 3 Months)

Adventures of a Fluffinay

15 months ago, I gave birth to my rambunctious, funny, sweet and adorably naughty baby girl. It was the happiest time of our lives but it was also the most difficult.  We were first time parents who were clueless in caring for a newborn, I was battling with high blood pressure from my eclampsia, fighting off post partum depression, and my husband was desperately trying to earn money as a freelance writer.  To make matters worse, our plan to breastfeed exclusively was not panning out.  We were both stretched to the limit at all fronts  –  emotionally, mentally, and financially. (Read about our birth story here.)


When I found out that my precious baby was dehydrated and lost almost 18% of her birth weight, it was with a heavy heart that I mixed fed her.  I felt as a failure as a mother that I starved my baby for…

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