My Formula That Stopped Formula Feeding (How I Ditched Formula Milk in Less Than 3 Months)

Source: My Formula That Stopped Formula Feeding (How I Ditched Formula Milk in Less Than 3 Months)


My Formula That Stopped Formula Feeding (How I Ditched Formula Milk in Less Than 3 Months)

Adventures of a Fluffinay

15 months ago, I gave birth to my rambunctious, funny, sweet and adorably naughty baby girl. It was the happiest time of our lives but it was also the most difficult.  We were first time parents who were clueless in caring for a newborn, I was battling with high blood pressure from my eclampsia, fighting off post partum depression, and my husband was desperately trying to earn money as a freelance writer.  To make matters worse, our plan to breastfeed exclusively was not panning out.  We were both stretched to the limit at all fronts  –  emotionally, mentally, and financially. (Read about our birth story here.)


When I found out that my precious baby was dehydrated and lost almost 18% of her birth weight, it was with a heavy heart that I mixed fed her.  I felt as a failure as a mother that I starved my baby for…

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Maybelline SuperFresh Instagram GIVEAWAY! (Mechanics)

The Beauty Bee

Hey hey, guys! Remember that time I reviewed and raved about the Maybelline White SuperFresh foundation? If you don’t, please do check that post out here.

It’s been a few months since the product was first released and recently Maybelline got in touch with me to share the crazy-awesome news that 1 White SuperFresh powder foundation is sold every 10 seconds. That blows my mind, but I can totally see why everyone loves the product. I did say this in my review of it: wsf1Hehe, Maybelline sent this over in their e-mail to me and I was kilig at having been quoted!

Let’s get on to the GIVEAWAY part though, because I’m so excited to let you know that Maybelline is giving my Instagram followers a chance to win a 1 year supply of White SuperFresh and 2 Rebel Bouquet lipsticks!

This is an Instagram only giveaway, so…

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Happy One Year Perk’s Pick of the Month! (Give-away)


When I started the idea of having reader of the month, I only wanted to give back to my dear readers.I didn’t expect to receive warm and heartfelt comments/suggestions/opinions. You inspire and motivate me to continue blogging and share my experiences.Perk’s Pick of the Month is celebrating one year this June!Yay!

As a way of saying ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone including new readers of my blog site, let me make someone happy with a give-away!
I’m blessed with sponsors throughout my two years of blogging and I’m grateful with a friend of mine who gave some of her wonderful items as a part of the prizes for my give-away.Yay!

Here are her lovely products:

riks collection Photo from Rika’s album

avengers unite Photo from Rika’s album

hello kitty bag tag Photo from Rika’s album

Computerized embroidery services:
*Bag tags *Polo shirts *T-shirts *Jackets *Patches
*Hankies *Towels *Pillows

Rate depends on design and quantity! All…

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A Movie Review: Hits and Misses of San Andreas!


One of my most anticipated movies this year is San Andreas and I was glad to catch it before anyone else! The international release is today (May 29) while in the Philippines, everyone can watch it starting May 28.

I was fortunate enough to see the advanced screening last May 26 at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2. Thank you to RX 93.1 for the tickets and VIP seats as well!

Here are my top five hits and misses for San Andreas:

1. Dwayne Johnson’s built and muscles are for heroic deeds.

dwayne johnson Photo from

Not a fan of The Rock but with his latest disaster movie, his portrayal is believable. He played as Chief Ray Gaines, a Los Angeles Fire Department rescue-helicopter pilot who saved lives but his own life is quite not good. His estranged wife has just moved in with his boyfriend and his daughter is going…

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